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Ruby Suzanna's Experiment 0.01

What life might be like in the intestines of the solar system.

Art by Ruby Suzanna / Words and photos by Will Koeppen

I've been wanting to work with Ruby Suzanna since I saw her outstanding work PEARL at the Church of Love a few years ago. I finally got my chance in January, 2019 when she asked me to help document her new project — Experiment 0.01.

For this experience, Ruby built an air-filled plastic bubble experience that included multi-projector visuals and ethereal music by Sophia Taeschner (Instagram| Bandcamp).

All of Ruby's work is strangely intimate for being so otherworldly. Like you've finally met the alien, and it's horrifying, but then you find out that you can understand each other even though you clearly don't speak its language. Experiment 0.01 has that same quality. When you pull aside the wispy plastic bag door and move into the light breeze inside, you feel like you're entering a womb.